Whats Happening?

The IT Department is diligently working to bring older systems up to date and bring new technologies to the work place. Some of things we are currently working on are:

  • Updating switches throughout the company.
    Often switches are symbolized as a junction of many water pipes.  The pipes them selves being the cables that go to each computer, or interconnect the different switches at various locations. The faster the switches, the faster data can be directed down the proper pipe and to its destination (i.e. A computer, an e-mail server or a printer). 
  • Developing communication tools for inter office use.
    The better we can communicate, the smoother everything will be. This holds true in many circumstances, therefore much effort is being focused on developing more channels to communicate with. the “TFAinsider” is just one of many tools that are being developed for your use in the near future. Others that you ‘may’ see in the near future are instant messengers, FTP servers, and custom web forms. 
  • Network Monitoring
    Monitoring the network is crucial to having a smooth operating network without any bottle-necks or slow spots. With network monitoring in place, we will be able to identify what is slowing the network down and where. This will give us the information needed to correct load bearing problems. 
  • Remote Management Solution
    There are many instances that an employee is having trouble with there computer, phone, or other device but doesn’t have the technical understanding to be walked through a solution and many solutions can be very complicated even to someone with the technical understanding. Remote Managers allow the IT Department to take control of these devices and correct the problems with little or no help from the end user.  

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